The history of Girl Guides movement in Egypt




  اIn late 1929 saw control of the physical education
girls public knowledge Bozrah the chance to introduce the Girl Guides schools for girls in Egypt. It has trained some of the desire of teachers to the schools for girls and girl scouts leadership teams by Mrs. Munira Sabri starting from November 1929 until late March 1930, where allowed to Helat leaders to establish the first teams of Girl Guides Egyptologist in a number of schools in Cairo and some other provinces.


.And in the April 17, 1932 concert, held two of Girl Guides and King Fuad I prefer attending with members of the royal family and had considered that girls attend one of the biggest reasons in the success of the Girl Guides and the concert was the best advertisement for girl scouts movements between girls and the public.

And in August 1932 Mrs. Munira Sabri able to obtain recognition of the Egyptian Girl Guides as a full member of the World Assembly of Girl Guides and have the right to vote.


  Girl Guides movement and continued to grow, even growth in the number of girl scouts in March 1934 five thousand girls.

In August 1934 represented Mrs. Munira Sabri, the Egyptian girl scouts in the 28th International Conference held status World Badalbouden Switzerland


The Girl Guides Association and the Egyptian civil single body overseeing the Girl Guides movement in all parts of Egypt until now has branches in all governorates.


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